The Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is to be found in one of the most beautiful locations in the city, in the Chateau de Beggen. It has hundreds of years of history. Initially on the site was a paper mill, built in the XVIII century and which existed until the middle of the XIX century. In 1865, the land was acquired by Metz & Co which at the time was building a metallurgical plant nearby in Dommeldange. In the 1880s a villa was built on the land but, unfortunately, it burnt down in a fire in January 1894. In its place in 1894-95 an architect from Brussels M.Janssens built a castle in the neo-Renaissance style, the Chateau de Beggen, and subsequently a park was created around the Castle.

After the death of the first owners of the chateau, Emil Metz and his wife, the Castle was bequeathed to the Director General of the metallurgical concern “ARBED” E. Mayrisch and the couple’s nephew G. Barbanson. The latter lived in the Castle until May 1940, but prior to the Nazi occupation of Luxembourg he  fled to the south of France. During the years 1940-1944 the Castle housed the service personnel of the Wehrmacht.  From October 1944 to September 1945, subdivisions of the U.S. military were installed in the “Chateau de Beggen” apartments. It was during this time that the Castle was significantly damaged.

When Barbanson died in 1946, his widow and daughter waived their rights to their inheritance, and the property passed to a charitable fund called “The Fund of E. Metz-Tesch’s widow” set up in 1913. On 2 March 1948, the governing council of the fund decided to sell “Chateau de Beggen”. In 1949 a Belgian businessman Jean Van der Planck, became the owner of the Castle and later sold it to the company “Chateau de Beggen”for 4.2 million Belgian francs. From 1950 to 1956 the property was used as a hotel named “Hôtel des Forges”.

In early 1956 the castle was leased to the Embassy of the USSR in Luxembourg. During the Hungarian Revolution of autumn 1956 the mission was attacked by a group of demonstrators. The ground floor of the castle sustained considerable damage.

On the 5th of June, 1973 “Chateau de Beggen”and an adjacent 2.8 hectare plot of land was acquired by the Embassy of the Soviet Union for 8.5 million franc. In the 1980s 10 sculptures were installed in the territory of the Embassy which had been gifted by some of the Soviet Republics of the former USSR.

From 2005 to 2009 the castle underwent extensive renovation and reconstruction, and the interiors were restored to their former glory. Today visitors of the Embassy can admire the beautiful and elegant interiors, which match visitors’ ideas of great and glorious Russia; it is now a place where Russian nationals can feel comfortable.